Customers Un-Motivated?

Having buyers take action has never been tougher. Like a knife through butter, your message must cut through media clutter. What's required is an edge -- a very sharp edge -- and that edge is humor.

But motivating consumers is more than making them laugh. The approach must resonate with a focused sales strategy -- yet remain clever, engaging, sophisticated, and witty.

What's more, your message must be produced and broadcast economically. After all, what's the use of a great idea if it breaks the budget?

With over fifteen years at the nation's largest ad agencies, David Samson knows how inspire buyers. He's an expert on positioning products in a positive, compelling, competitive light. He believes that...

Advertising Must...

  • Be pre-emptive and savvy.

  • Stand out conceptually -- not just visually.

  • Easily integrate into print, web, and broadcast media.

  • Win market share and meet strategic goals.

  • Prompt as well as fortify customer loyalty.

  • Position the brand with the intent to expand.

Competition Cold-Blooded?

Message Getting Old?

Advertising Must Not...

  • Go negative to accentuate the positive.

  • Appear excessive or self-congratulatory.

  • Emulate or suggest a competitor's approach.

  • Fixate on short-term sales perspectives.

  • Confuse customers thru mixed marketing.

  • Ever be sales reactive -- only pro-active!

Samson discusses whether to use an agency or take advertising in-house. He reveals ways of lowering production and media costs. Plus he shows how to create dynamic public relations campaigns, using the press to promote your message for free.

Firms that have benefitted from David's expertise include Wendy's, Toyota, Hilton Hotels, Bausch & Lomb, Sharp Electronics, Milton-Bradley, Master Card, The Los Angeles Times, Continental Airlines, The United Jewish Federation, Great Expectations, and Diet Coke.

Sales Slumping?

Psychics Not Helpful?

So bring in David Samson to speak to your group or association. Because the right advertising can have you laughing all the way to the bank!

"David is a very funny, very instinctive creative guy, and he always has a different slant on solving any client's problem. The key is that he understands the crucial link between humor and information, so that the message always remains fresh and memorable."

--Stan Becker, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto.