Do Reality Checks Ever Bounce?
by David Samson

Illustrated by Martin Archer

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Let's face it. There are really big questions. Questions so big they can't be answered by any person - well, any sane person!

In today's media, highly paid experts are answering practically any question you can dream up. On CNN and Fox News, they're telling you how to save your marriage, make money, lose weight, look young, drink lattes -- enough already!

Luckily, there's David Samson. Someone who doesn't pretend to have any of the answers...only the funniest and most provocative questions you could possibly imagine. They're called UNSCROOTABLES and here are just a few...

  • Is Your Inner Child Adopted?

  • Should Liver Transplants Come With Onions?

  • Can Having Moral Fiber Keep You Regular?

  • Do dyslexic people see EVIAN as NAIVE?

In a hilarious presentation based on his book, Funny Guy's rapid-fire delivery is a sure crowd-pleaser, the perfect way to lighten up any meeting or corporate gathering. Entertaining and irreverent, his speech is peppered with hundreds of wacky questions, more than enough to keep asking yourself - and everyone else around you - for years!

  • Did Noah's Ark Have Flood Lights?

  • Do Suicide Notes Wind Up in Dead Letter Files?

  • Should sleeping with a schizophrenic count as group sex??

  • Would a Sweaty Uncle Affect Relative Humidity?

David Samson is a nationally-acclaimed humorist who not only writes funny, but whose comical oration shoots these same one-liners out of his mouth like a machine gun.

Now listen up! Can a price on your head be marked down? Who knows!? But after hearing him speak, the only thing you'll know is that you won't be able to stop laughing - and there's no question about that!

To See More
UNSCROOTABLE Book Excerpts -
- Now Available For Syndication -
- Click Here!