Attracting Someone Special is No Laughing Matter...or is it?

Humor is a person's most attractive quality, next to a large trust fund. But seriously (did we say seriously?), humor is vital for connecting with the right person -- and that's no joke!

Your sense of humor reveals your sophistication, intelligence, and self-confidence. It provides a great way for someone to know you, without feeling threatened or intimidated. In short, humor is irresistable.

Unless it's stupid, dumb or offensive. But don't worry. In this fun seminar, David Samson reveals all the secrets of creating genuine intimacy through humor. Turning anxiety into levity, even hairy dates into hilarity.

But humor is also vital for strengthening relationships. It's crucial for resolving issues and challenges. Bringing people even closer together, hrough good times and bad.

In this seminar, Funny Guy creates a gleeful atmosphere. His light-hearted approach to romance is perfect for anyone who loves to laugh -- or even laughs while loving!

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