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Is Your Marketing On The Mark?

Slow sales are a sign your efforts are missing your target audience. Even worse, ad agencies (who receive commissions from media buys and other services they sell) may not want to divulge the most cost-effective ways to reach your sales goals.

But David Samson will. He has innovative techniques to maximize your marketing. Efficient methods to enhance strategic positioning and capitalize on promotional opportunities.

"On-The-Marketing" gets your message across clearly and memorably. It creates a powerful bond between you and your buyers. Like the spokes of a wheel, it creates a dynamic sales structure that directs consumers to the hub of your business.

The key is reaching your demographic. David grows and protects your market share against the competition through pre-emptive planning. Using strategic alliances and tactical publicity, he makes sure prospective customers recall your brand first.

David can cut your ad budget by 40% or more. His expertise reduces design and production charges. Advertising costs are also slashed by identifying promotional partners. Plus he reveals which company assets can be traded for valuable media exposure at no cost to you.

"On-The-Marketing" is forceful. It breaks down consumer resistance and boosts product loyalty. It elevates your company's status and shortens response time to your message.

Growing Older

Sales Not Reflecting Well On You?

Investors Feeling Burned?

Your Marketing Strategy Must...

  • Resonate with warmth and sincerity.

  • Reward the intelligence of your consumers.

  • Not only proclaim uniqueness, but superiority.

  • Project a sharp-witted and compelling message.

  • Deliver stimulation and surprise in all media.

  • Stand out conceptually -- not just visually.

Your Marketing Strategy Must Not...

  • Create boredom or appear superficial.

  • Confuse customers with conflicting tonalities.

  • Be a creative wonder minus a sales mission.

  • Appear to duplicate another product or service.

  • Contain attitudes that repel buyers or qualified leads.

  • Minimize or sabotage your company's image.


"On-The-Marketing" is not daunting. It insures that your sales message is taken -- well seriously! David Samson fully customizes the marketing approach to your needs, so it never sounds forced or artificial. The transformation is remarkable!

Suddenly your marketing becomes both relevant and effective. Your exposure is not only greater, but consumers are being motivated to take immediate action. There's no doubt. You absolutely know that you're standing shoulders above your competitors.


Paranoid About Checking Your Orders?

Men Who Hate Themselves

Spouse Not Supportive?

Few things are worse than marketing which misses the mark. So let David create a comprehensive structure to successfully unite all the elements of your sales message. And even though he's a Funny Guy, that's nothing to laugh at!

"David Samson is a very funny, very instinctive creative guy, and he always has a different slant on solving any client's problem. The key is that he understands the crucial link between humor and information, so that the message always remains fresh and memorable."
--Stan Becker, Chief Creative Officer,
Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto