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Or maybe you would like real down-to-earth advice! David Samson pulls no punches. Many of his bestselling books are from major publishing houses including Random House, St. Martins Press, Simon and Schuster, Signet, The Penguin Group and Time-Warner International.

They've been seen on David Letterman, The Today Show, The Fox News Network, Rosie 'O' Donnell, Regis and Kathy Lee, Geraldo Rivera, Politically Incorrect, ABC Prime Time, Entertainment Tonight, Larry King, plus in dozens of prominent newspapers and magazines. David's been interviewed hundreds of times on major radio shows and his books have been translated on six of the seven continents.

No wonder so many people want to work with him. David delivers the type of straight talk only available from someone who's been there, done that! His consulting rate on individual book projects are currently:

$250 per hour with a two-hour minimum (not including transportation or lodging outside of Los Angeles)

Let's face it. The book business is tough, competitive, and there are probably hundreds of other people proposing books similar to yours.

So how do you cut through the clutter, make your voice heard, be the kind of author who generates media heat? This hard-hitting, world-published author will answer your toughest questions and much more!

Publish -- Don't Perish!

Publish -- Don't Perish!

"Would you like to be my agent?"

"Care to be my Agent?"


  • The do's and don'ts of self-publishing.

  • Why context trumps content every time.

  • Making publishers take your work seriously.

  • Red flags that get your work tossed instantly.

  • Little marketing tips that pay-off big time.

  • Plus what literary agents don't want you to know!

David Samson will show you step-by-step how to create an Irresistible Selling Approach. He reveals how to tie books into hot marketing trends, design dynamic products and presentations, plus orchestrate media exposure to the max

What's the bottom line? If you're serious and believe your work warrants major exposure, then his consulting services will speak volumes to you and all your potential readers!

Note: David Samson is also available for speaking at publishing seminars, plus advertising, marketing & PR consultation for the book industry.

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