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Are Audiences Floored by Your Words?

Few things are worse than a boring speaker.

Not that you are one, of course! When you venture onto the platform, you know the audience is paying attention. You know you're entertaining and informative and standing shoulders above your colleagues.

You know because you contacted David Samson first. Funny Guy (as he's known around Hollywood) will "Jazz Up" your speech. So audiences will revere your wit! Admire your brilliance! Demand your autograph! Maybe even adopt you!

But Funny Guy's humor is never offensive. He has even coached executives, doctors, lawyers, and other people with day jobs to be funnier. No kidding!

In fact, being funny insures that your serious message is taken -- well seriously! Humor overcomes resistance. Builds rapport. Gets you liked as a human being -- provided you are a human being!

Here's how Funny Guy works:

  • First you hire him. Then he works.

  • E--mail him whatever presentation needs to be "Jazzed Up".

  • Don't have it together yet? Don't worry! Funny Guy will work with you.

  • And he won't quit until you get a brand new program or product that's packed with humor!

  • You think that's funny? You ain't seen nothing yet!

Alienating the audience?

Alienating Your Listeners?

Stage fright?

Stage Fright?

Funny Guy customizes all the humor to your needs -- including handouts, props, slide projections, even ads for the event. You'll find everything that has been "Jazzed Up" is CAPITALIZED for your final approval. As a matter of fact, you'll probably have far more witticisms than you need. So save them for next time!

The pros already know! David Samson is the guy other funny guys (and gals) in Hollywood come to when they need dynamite material. He's an acclaimed humorist, the author of seventeen best-selling books, whose work has been featured on many national TV shows including Larry King, David Letterman, and Politically Incorrect.

Here's the bottom line: BIG YUKS MEAN BIG BUCKS! And no one gets you bigger yuks than Funny Guy!

  • "Many of the lines you've written I've used for years, even at client presentations throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. You're humor really travels well!"
    - Philip White, Senior Vice-President. Global Insurance Corp.

  • "The audience really responded and the media quoted your lines over and over. You are really the master of the sound-byte!"
    - Steve Hans, Legal Operations Director, NYC Transit Union.

  • "I didn't think anyone could find humor in our industry. Obviously, the audience thought otherwise. Thank you for the great presentation!"
    -Allan Lessuer, Director of Sales, MCI, Los Angeles.

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