The Official Millennium
Survival Handbook
by David Samson
and Peter Bergman

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Feeling the Ravages of PMS
(Post-Millennial Stress?)

Put away your Midol, your Prozac, and your Nostradamus and make arrangements to hear Funny Guy speak immediately!

David Samson -- the 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse, who unfortunately finished out of the money -- predicts everything you never needed to know all the way up to the year 2999 and beyond.

Using astounding logic, and some insights from the Psychic Hotline, this member of the National Speakers Association proves the sudden end of civilization can occur anytime between now and the day that O.J. finally confesses.

Just remember, the Millennium will be an equal opportunity annihilator. Doctors, dentists, arsonists, lawyers, no matter how much their disposable income, will all find themselves in the same boat as you -- namely the Titanic!

Here are just a few areas Funny Guy will discuss...

  • AOL -- America Off-Line: The End Of The World Wide Web

  • Emily Post-Mortem: Diva of Millennium Manners

  • Sudden Death: Sports In The Millennium

  • Al Dante's Inferno... Dining out for Doomsday

  • Millennial Sex ("Was It The End Of The World For You, Too?")

  • Plus Parenting In The Millennium ("Beam Me Up, Dr. Spock!")

Funny Guy teaches you how to eat for the Millennium, dress for the Millennium. He even predicts bestselling books for the Millennium ("The Prince of Tidal Waves", "Chicken Soup for the Departed Soul", "The Seven Habits of Highly Radioactive People", plus "I'm OK - You're DOA!").

That's right. There's a big, wide, wonderful world out there - one which could explode any minute! So crawl under your seats, get into a fetal position and listen to the words of David Samson. And since this could be the last day of the rest of your life, listen fast!