Has Your Web Site Become a Web Site?

You've got everything: A terrific product or service. A state-of-the-art shopping cart. Super Graphics. Streaming Video. So why do you still have your day job at K-Mart?

With the focus on technology, the human part of the web often gets overlooked. Your site may have great deals, easy navigation, competitive prices, yet visitors still don't feel persuaded to buy or even return. Something crucial is missing. Well, that something could well be humor-- and that's nothing to laugh at!

Humor is vital. Nothing adds the element of humanity so quickly or makes potential customers more receptive than humor -- witty, warm, engaging humor.

But wait a second. Does that mean adding jokes? Cartoons? Stupid tricks or games? Absolutely not! Web Site "Humorization" is the targeted use of clever words, concepts, plus hot button visuals to get your message across clearly and memorably.

"Humorization" creates a powerful bond. It breaks down consumer resistance, plus repositions your product in a positive, compelling, competitive light. Humor gets your site noticed. It creates media buzz. Plus humor inspires visitors to share your web site with friends and colleagues.

Which is why the following rules are crucial to the success of your business on-line:


Contemplating Your Options?

Investors Feeling Burned?

Your Web Site Humor Must...

  • Resonate with warmth and sincerity.

  • Reward the intelligence of your consumers.

  • Not only proclaim uniqueness, but superiority.

  • Project a sharp-witted consumer strategy.

  • Deliver stimulation and surprise on every page.

  • Stand out conceptually -- not just visually.


Your Web Site Humor Must Not...

  • Create boredom or appear superficial.

  • Confuse visitors with conflicting tonalities.

  • Be a technical wonder minus a message.

  • Appear to duplicate a competitive site.

  • Repel buyers with improper language.

  • Minimize or sabotage your company's image.

The process of "Humorization" is not daunting. In fact, adding humor insures that your serious message is taken -- well seriously! David Samson fully customizes the creative content to your needs, so it never sounds forced or artificial. The transformation is remarkable!

Suddenly your site is both both informative and entertaining. Your visitors are not only staying longer, but they're being motivated to take immediate action. There's no doubt about it. You absolutely know that you're standing shoulders above your competitors.


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Meditating for Market Share?

That's right! Few things are worse than a boring web site. So add the one element that relieves pressure and makes shopping a pleasure. The one element that can make all the difference in the world to your success. Add the element of humor. Odds are you'll be laughing all the way to the bank!

"David Samson is a very funny, very instinctive creative guy, and he always has a different slant on solving any client's problem. The key is that he understands the crucial link between humor and information, so that the message always remains fresh and memorable."
--Stan Becker, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto.